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Our work began in 2008. Pastor Quijas, and his family were officially voted in as pastor of Morgan Hill in May of 2009.  

I know that Jesus wanted the work to go forward, and I heard the LORD say within me, "What ever it costs you, I will repay."

The story of the good samaritan came to my mind from the Scriptures; and many times the ones we ministered to where the broken. The need, and the commissioning was there. My husband and I worked full-time jobs we would have to help support the work through the hard times. As we continued the LORD gave me two distinct dreams regarding our people, and the work as a confirmation in the Spirit.  

We continued with the Bible studies, one from a men's homeless shelter, and then engaged in door knocking and outreach events. In 2016, we would have the opportunity to work with the Women's Transitional housing at Bocardo Homes off of Montery Highway.  

Psalm 144 was given to me during First Fruits Fasting and Prayer 2013. Jesus has really used the widow's mites to sustain the work. When all you have is Jesus, you will discover that He is all you need. He is faithful.  

We praise and worship, and do our song services through a video presentation. It's humble. But if you have a heart to worship, and lift up holy hands, Jesus will meet you here.  

NEW LIFE CHURCH Morgan Hill is a down-to-earth, beautiful, small Christian church in the community of Morgan Hill, California.  

As we enter into 2018, we are coming with great expectancy - We will continue to pray and fast and seek the LORD's guidance. Please pray for us and cover us in your prayers. We are so blessed, and so thankful for your prayers.